Welcome to the site where I channel my love of life into varying forms of self-expression. For as long as I can remember, I’ve relied on my imagination as a means of sourcing inspiration from both the exciting and mundane facets of life. When I was little I promised myself I would travel and see the world, with hopes of learning as much as I can about myself and the unknown that surrounds me. I’ve been told quite often that I see the world very differently, and now I’m realizing that’s not a bad thing! I filter the world through a lens of hope and belief in the beauty that transcends the things we see as bad. I hope the content I share on my site, both written and visual, can inspire others to take risks and push beyond self-imposed constraints. There is so much to explore in this short life we have. engaging with new ideologies and experiences can only propel us forward. So go forth!

Live. Love. Be great.


I go to seek a great perhaps
— John green

C R E A T I V E • S C H O L A R

fostering change through culture

A F R O • S Y N E R G I S T


Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Scholar

Ron Brown Scholar

Questbridge Match Scholar


Masters in Public Affairs

Brown University, 2020

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Brown university, 2018



essays, poetry, research

artistry, photography, videography

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impact entrepreneurship, international political economy, public affairs, strategic development



“The David Winton Bell Gallery and the Department of Visual Art present the work of thirty-seven artists in Brown’s 38th annual Student Exhibition”

- student exhibition 2018 ∙ brown university

“Had both a blackout protest where students shared personal statements and experiences followed by a walkout and teach in from Africana graduate students”

- 22 campuses who spoke in solidarity with mizzou & yale this week #blackoncampus ∙ blavity

“We join with our students and broader Brown community to raise awareness of the continued effects of racism on our campuses and in society more generally and to support students of color at Brown and across the country who are working to ensure they have full and fair access to all the opportunities provided at our educational institutions.”

- pc, brown students stand against racism ∙ providence journal

“WHEREAS, Odemi Pessu has personified the selfless dedication, mental agility, verbal 20 adroitness, and personal maturity necessary for superlative academic performance;”

- georgia house resolution 1711 ∙ georgia house of representatives

“odemi always wears a smile on her face. Her unparalleled optimism and infectious charisma have a way of placing a smile on the faces of everyone she encounters.”

- class of 2014 ∙ ron brown scholars program

“recognized by the Georgia House of Representatives.”

- archer outstanding seniors ∙ gwinnett citizen

“Another group of Gwinnett County Public Schools seniors have earned full college scholarships, with the naming of 19 students as QuestBridge National College Match Recipients.”

- 19 gwinnett county seniors named questbridge recipients ∙ patch